Strip Lashes – $20

Wispy lashes attached to a thin strip that adhere to the eyelid (Lasts up to 24 hours).

Cluster Lashes – $30

Fans of lashes knotted at the base, attached along the lash line with temporary adhesive   (Lasts 12-24 hours)

Lash Removal – $20

Eyelash / Brow Tints – $25


Customized permanent color. Darkens lashes without the help of mascara (lasts 3-4 weeks).


Customized permanent color. Gives appearance of fuller brows (lasts up to 6 weeks).

Lash Cleanse – $10

Eyelash Lift – $65

Curles the last from base to tip (Lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks).

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